"Kootenay Restorative Justice seeks to restore balance and healthy communication in our communities."

We encourage collaboration and reintegration, rather than coercion and isolation

Advanced Certificate in Transformative Justice

Posted on Jul 23, 2012

The advanced certificate in Transformative Justice at Selkirk College, Castlegar provides the learner with an alternative perspective to conflict resolution on an interpersonal, community and global level. Transformative Justice expands the conventional conflict resolution approaches in two ways. Firstly, Transformative Justice takes the theory and practice of approaches to conflict, including healing, reconciliation and restoring relationships beyond the realm of the criminal justice system. Secondly, Transformative Justice seeks to understand and address the root causes of systemic conflict, such as political, economic and social inequality and injustice.

The certificate begins with a theoretical study of transformative justice, which leads to a more directed study that is related to the learner’s area of expertise. The certificate culminates with a practicum, where the learner is expected to demonstrate an enactment of the tenets of transformative justice in a meaningful and relevant setting.

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SFU’s Certificate in Restorative Justice

Posted on May 5, 2012

SFU’s Certificate in Restorative Justice

Learn to use powerful restorative justice practices in your community

SFU’s Certificate in Restorative Justice introduces you to the philosophy behind this compelling concept and examines restorative justice practices such as mediation, conferencing, and circles.

Through discussions, exercises, and other practical activities, you’ll learn how to use these practices in conflict resolution and community development. You’ll also improve your decision-making and leadership skills and build networks with other people who are committed to championing the values and principles of restorative justice.

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Restorative Justice example in Trail, BC

Posted on May 4, 2012

Restorative justice can be used for to resolve many conflicts. This video is about how Teck Cominco and the community used a restorative justice process to resolve environmental damage caused by the company.

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